United Colours of Bohemka25 October 2006

The Czech second league club “FC Bohemians 1905” and the “Bohemians Ultras” made a strong anti-racist statement at the match against Usti nad Lebam last weekend.

Before the game the players presented a banner with the slogan “Bohemka proti rasismu” and the fans were informed that FC Bohemians proudly joined the international FARE Action Week. Antonin Panenka, president of the club, European Champion in 1976 with the Czechoslovakian national team and former star player from Rapid Vienna, joined his team behind the banner at line-up.

At the same time the “Bohemians Ultras” displayed a 25 meter long banner saying: “United Colours of Bohemka”. The fans also placed FARE posters around the stadium. Two additional banners were installed permanently. The action was highly visible and announced through the clubs official website and the internet radio programme “Bohemka”.