UNITED – European Action Week Against Racism: 'Look Deeper – Value Diversity'09 March 2009

From 14 – 22 March 2009 the europeanwide action week against racism organised by the network United for Intercultural action will take place under motto 'Look Deeper – Value Diversity' with activities in 53 countries.

Europe Against Racism
Every year on the occasion of the European-wide Action Week Against Racism around 21 March, people all around Europe get together promoting diversity, solidarity, equality and tolerance. In 2008, the Action Week celebrated its 16th birthday with activities in 47 countries, involving tens of thousands of people all around Europe in the fight against racism, discrimination, intolerance and exclusion. All over Europe, from Iceland to Greece and from Portugal to Russia,
activities were organised, involving a whole country in one common action. Again this year, from 14 to 22 March, various non-governmental-organisations in almost all European countries will raise together their voice against one common threat: racism.

Historical Meaning of the Date – The Massacre in Sharpeville
21 March was declared 'International Day for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination' by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This was a reaction to the brutal murder of 69 peaceful anti-Apartheid demonstrators in Sharpeville, South Africa, on 21 March 1960. This day, police opened fire on a non-violent manifestation consisting of thousands of people chanting freedom songs. Most of the victims were shot in the back while fleeing to save their lives. No member of police was ever charged for the massacre.

Look deeper, don't judge by what you see – Value diversity!
Population in Europe is becoming more and more diverse. Internal and external migration processes are making it a place where people of many different ethnic, geographic and cultural backgrounds share their existence.
Nowadays diversity seems to be considered worrisome rather than a potential growth – especially concerning people perception of 'limited resources in a period of economical crisis' protectionism, exclusion and growing nationalism are reactive phenomenon of today's society.
'Diversity is beautiful' – that's true and much more than that it adds value to society, cohesion and development in any aspect. What we need to understand is how to manage diversity and not to be afraid of it. The magic formula is to LOOK DEEPER and VALUE DIVERSITY to recognize what is beyond the unknown and find out that there is a lot to explore, to understand and to learn from each other.

Activities organised by FARE members
06.03.2009 “Building Bridges 3”
Conference with workshops in Den Haag
organised by Stichting Homosprt Nederland in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and the City of Den Haag in Den Haag
Themes: diversity in football, strategies against homophobia in football, with sport against homophobia…
contact: European Gay and Lesbian Sport Federation
www.gaysport.info, www.eglsf.info

14 – 21.03.09 Sport Against Racism Ireland (SARI)
is launching an on-line campaign for young people called Count Me In to promote and support European Wide Anti – Racism week. Using the universal language of sport, young people who believe in Respect, Fair play, Working as a team and not leaving anyone out can sign up to “I say No to Racism… Count Me In”.

15.03.2009 Show Racism the Red Card
Football tournament with anti-racism and community aspects for youth and adult teams, anti-racism workshop and skill sessions
organised by Show Racism the Red Card UK

16.03.2009 Birmingham City FC
17.03.2009 Wigan Athletic FC
19.03.2009 Plymouth Argyle FC
20.03.2009 Colchester United FC
Show Racism the Red Card”: Educational events for young people from local schools to attend the stadiums of respective football clubs, to see a screening of the SRtRC DVD and to take part in a Q&A session in racism with players from the club
organised by Show Racism the Red Card UK

15.03.09-23.03.09 “Tolerance Keep You Well”
Campaign in football pitches in Ferencváros Stadium in Budapest
organised by Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organisation
Themes: football against racism in Europe…

21.03.09-22.03.09 “Fight Racism! Solidarity Worldwide!”
Football tournament with young people, migrants and refugees, activities around and inside the football stadium of Cádiz, distribution of stickers, material of the International Day Against Racism and about racism in general
Themes: integration, multiculturalism…
contact: Colectivo de Prevención e Inserción Social Andalucia

full list of activities on www.unitedagainstracism.org