US University athletes join ‘You Don’t Say’ campaign to challenge discriminatory abuse13 February 2015

InDurham,NorthCarolina,UnitedStates,ananti-discriminationcampaign,launchedlastspring, bystudentsoftheDukeUniversityhasbeentakenonbyitssportsdepartmenttohelpchallengetheuseofdiscriminatoryremarksalsoinsport.

The You Don’t Say campaign, an awareness-raising online initiative challenging the offensive nature of phrases and slurs used in everyday conversation, is currently supported by 41 Duke student-athletes, who through photographs are addressing the problem in sport.

“Sports are really integral to our campus culture, and with that comes a pretty big microphone around our athletic culture,

“It’s easier to dismiss a message if it’s coming from a social justice-oriented group on campus…By getting people who aren’t traditionally seen as the social justice kids on campus to stand up for this message, it carries a lot more weight. It’s also that these student-athletes care a lot about the issues.” said Daniel Kort, one of the campaign founders.

Since its launch, the initiative, which is addressing issues including racism, sexism, homophobia, mental illness and disability pejoratives, has been the target of criticism on social media.

“We’re not trying to outlaw words,” Kort said.

“Free speech means that you can’t be prosecuted for the words that you use, but it doesn’t make you exempt from the social consequences that you’ll suffer from using language that others don’t like.

“I think that this campaign can really inspire a more aware bystander culture,

“When we overhear a teammate or a classmate or another peer using language that could be construed as derogatory towards others, there will be people in the room who have hopefully seen this campaign and our message and will have them be inspired to speak up.” he added.

For more information about the campaign visit here.