We are all Football People the message as the FARE Action Weeks launch16 October 2012

“Diversity makes the national team and our society stronger” says Germany and Bayern Munich captain Philipp Lahm.

One of the largest social activities in sport launches today with the 2012 FARE Action Weeks bringing together hundreds of thousands of people across the globe in a message against discrimination and in celebration of diversity.

Over 300 groups across 41 countries will run activities, including at professional league matches in Austria, England, France, Northern Ireland and Scotland.
Community groups, NGO’s and supporters will organise fan choreographies, exhibitions, panel discussions, football tournaments and flash mobs.

Germany captain Philipp Lahm gave his support to the period before the Germany vs. Sweden World Cup qualifier, “Football does not exclude anyone, no matter their skin colour, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

“In our team we have players whose parents migrated to Germany from countries like Turkey, Tunisia and Ghana. Diversity makes the national team and our society stronger.”

The chairperson of the FARE network Howard Holmes said today, “Our aim is simple – the Football People theme reflects the unity we can achieve, and the change we can create, by engaging football, and supporting long-term struggles for equality and inclusion.

“The weeks offer an opportunity to draw on the biggest coming together of sport with a social agenda. The number of countries where activities take place, the numbers of people involved, the spread of involvement – football supporters, ethnic minorities, LGBT groups and clubs from amateur level to the biggest names in the Champions League – highlight what can be achieved to bring about social change that benefits communities.”

The weeks take place from the 16th October to the 31st October. Details of many of the activities taking place are available on www.farenet.org