Women draw strength from sport!08 September 2010

Story: International JUMP campaign launched
International JUMP photo campaign launches today in Vienna
The JUMP campaign is part of the EU-funded OLYMPIA project, aimed at supporting girls and women in sport, driving awareness of their exceptional performances, and promoting their interests and requirements.
The project is coordinated and implemented by FARE partners/associates UISP (Italy), LICRA (France) and FairPlay-VIDC (Austria), and by ISCA and Copenhagen University (both Denmark).
The JUMP campaign was conceived in Austria with the aim of highlighting ongoing inequality in sport. In all areas, including active participation, structures, administration and media coverage, sport is oriented towards male needs, values and achievements.
Because prevailing societal role models apply equally to sport, women’s performances and achievements do not receive the same media attention as men’s. This means it is easier for men to concentrate on their sport and maximising performance. This in turn impacts on how sport is supported: public funds and sponsorship overwhelmingly flow into men’s sport, whereas women are frequently forced to dig deep into their own pockets to secure decent conditions for their sporting activity.
Elisabeth Kotvojs (Project coordination): Our intention with the JUMP campaign is to motivate girls and women to claim the space which is theirs by right, both in sport and beyond it – physical space for activity and expression, but also space in the public consciousness and the media, for them and their sporting achievements.
Heidi Thaler (Project coordination): The JUMP campaign is only one component in the Europe-wide OLYMPIA project. Tomorrow, we’re hosting an international experts’ congress on the subject of equal participation for women in sports administration. A fanzine dedicated to the world of female football supporters will be published in the autumn, with contributions from female Ultras from all over Europe. In early 2011, we will host the sixth meeting of the international F_in women in football network. Similar campaigns are running simultaneously in Italy, France and Denmark.
The OLMYPIA JUMP photo campaign invites women and girls from all over Europe to show they can rise above obstacles and stereotypes applying to women in sport, and demonstrate strength as a collective. Images will be published on the Olympia Homepage www.olympiaproject.net and the FairPlay Homepage www.fairplay.or.at/olympia/jump, and presented to the European Commission in poster format. Two participants in the campaign will be invited to attend the presentation in Brussels.
Join in! Write the campaign message “JUMP” on your hand, show it to camera, and have yourself photographed while jumping – alone, with friends, playing your sport, in unusual poses – and e-mail your photos to jump-olympia@vidc.org