Workshop highlights Italy’s commitment in promoting sport for inclusion04 June 2014


The ‘Sport e integrazione: la vittoria più bella’ (Sport and Integration: the most beautiful victory) workshop was held to highlight existing projects and good practice on the topic, shared by experts and testimonials of sports athletes and participants, including the Albanian-Italian professional basketball player Klaudio Ndoja.

“Sport is integration, a vehicle for shortening distances and differences within its 19 million practitioners. In Germany, investments were made to encourage the development of a cultural process connected to sporting activities. It is necessary to work in partnership to make the most out of sport and the social system.” said CONI Servizi General Manager, Michele Uva, while highlighting Germany’s example as good practice.

The workshop, held on on 28 May, in Rome, is part of the CONI and Ministry of Labour and Social Policies wider campaign ‘Fratelli di Sport’ (Brothers in Sport) focused on the development of inclusive policies to promote a unified society and foster cultural evolvement. At the event the campaingn’s manifesto was also presented.

Other initiatives, including a sports day on integration, in which the top level of the Italian sport got involved, and several other disseminated activities have also been organised to promote the campaign across the country.

Among the workshop’s attendants was Alberto Miglietta, CEO of Coni Servizi, Maurizio Beretta, President of the Lega calcio Serie A, the Olympic fencing champion Diana Bianchedi, Monica Promontorio, President of the Organising Committee Campaign ‘Living like Athletes’, and Alessandro Tappa, Sports without Borders President.

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