World’s top sporting organisations to meet in SA for anti-discrimination summit13 November 2014

AGlobalWatchsummitwillbringtogethersomeoftheworld’stopsportingorganisationstoaddressdiscriminationinsportinJohannesburg, SouthAfrica,between21and22November.

FIFA, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Formula One governing body FIA, the United Nations and the US Women’s and Men’s Basketball Associations, are among the organisations who will mark their presence at the summit, Global Watch co-chair and South Africa’s Minister of Human Settlements, Tokyo Sexwale, announced on Tuesday.

The two-day gathering comes in the wake of a series of incidents of discriminatory nature in various sports across the globe.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is due to deliver a keynote speech to address the issue and his predecessor Thabo Mbeki and former Springbok captain Francois Pienaar are also expected to be in attendance.

According to Tokyo Sexwale, the summit will draft a global charter with basic principles to fight racism in sport.

“Enough is enough and something has to be done. We can’t take it any more and someone has to put a stop to racism,” said the Global Watch co-chair.

“In addition a Global barometer would be developed with an index to measure each and every country on their progress in fighting this scourge,”.

“We aim to utilise the Global Watch Summit as an important stepping stone in order to wipe out racism and discrimination from the face of the earth. This is the Nelson Mandela Legacy initiative.”, Sexwale added.

SAFA President Danny Jordaan, a Global Watch board member, said the sporting fraternity has of late seen an increase of some disturbing racial undertones across the globe.

“Sport must be played in a conducive sporting environment; so we are saying all human beings have equal rights,” Jordaan said.

The Global Watch international initiative is a partnership of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sexwale Foundation and the Doha GOALS Forum Foundation.

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