Young Boys Berne united against racism09 December 2005

The fight against racism will play a prominent role at the top Swiss Football League clash between Young Boys Berne and FC Basel in front of a sell-out crowd at the Stade de Suisse.

In association with the BSC Young Boys, FARE partners Gemeinsam gegen Rassismus & HalbZeit are staging an anti-racism day at Saturday's game.

A number of activities have been planned. Just before the game starts a giant, 50 m choreography will be displayed in Block C. Anti-racism clips featuring Young Boys players will also be shown to the 32,000 fans on TV screens around the stadium, while 15,000 anti-racist postcards will be distributed outside the ground.

The anti-racism day is a follow-up to the 6th European FARE Action Week. Last year Young Boys Berne and Gemeinsam gegen Rassismus & HalbZeit also got involved in the FARE Action Week at the match against FC Thun.