Youth camp teaches the next generation how to play a part in combating discrimination21 October 2016


ATSM invited 27 students from different high schools to the county of Galati, Romania for a camp which included sessions and workshops on discrimination, stereotypes and vulnerable groups. The sessions were led by experts who welcomed open dialogue and debate on the issues faced by vulnerable communities.

The initiative is part of the project ‘Combating discrimination in Romania by non-formal education and football’, organised by ATSM in partnership with DJST Tecuci Galati and Galati CJE as part of the Football People action weeks.

The students heard from a girl’s football team who gave their experience of playing the game and issues they have faced.

Following the camp, the students will be expected to continue the fight against all elements of discrimination. They were given knowledge and strategies for organising public events promoting a message of inclusion for all communities.

The students will then be expected to organise at least five non-formal education sessions at their respective high schools. These events are aimed at tackling a number of themes such as stereotypes related to gender, LGBT and the Roma community, effects of discrimination at different levels and hate speech.

Students will also prepare as match for  between a mothers and sons team and fathers and a daughters team, combined with an exhibition about the abuse of woman in Romania.