Champions ohne Grenzen to host Women in the Coaching Zone workshop during #FootballPeople weeks06 September 2018


The event on October 14th in Berlin will be a networking event aimed at increasing the number of female coaches in German football.

The theme of the workshop will be to discuss how to get more women in Berlin and the surrounding area into coaching. Through the initial workshop day during the #FootballPeople weeks the aim will be to network, exchange thoughts and ideas and share knowledge. All women who are interested in becoming football coaches are invited as are those already active as football coaches in the community.

Champions ohne Grenzen e.V. is a nonprofit organisation from Berlin, Germany, that started in 2012 with weekly football training sessions for refugees. The organisation aims to provide open and cost-free sports programs, whilst also functioning as a mediator between athletic, social and political groups of engagement. They promote cultural exchange and communication and identifies overlooked fields of action in refugee policies, with the aim to allow refugees to actively take part in shaping their environment.

The vast under-representation of women in coaching positions in Europe is well-known. Research data published by the Fare network in 2014 showed that among 672 senior coaching positions in elite men’s and women’s football in seven European countries not one single position was held by ethnic minority women, with only 3.4% held by ethnic minority men. Meanwhile only 3.7% of all senior political positions at elite clubs, national leagues and UEFA were held by women.

start2coach project manager Sofie Goetze said: “We are really happy to be party of the Fare #FootballPeople weeks! Being part of the action weeks is an ideal way for us to stand up for diversity and support female* coaches.

“Through workshops we want to empower each other and find common problem solving strategies to overcome the mainly male-dominated structures in football.

“We are so excited about the idea of creating a new network of experienced and non-experienced female coaches. During the event we will be opening a room for refugees and aim to create new coaching partnerships.”

Particular emphasis for the event will be on opening up a space for women with migrant or refugee backgrounds, as well as creating pathways for women to become active as coaches. All women are welcome to attend, share experiences and learn.

Previous experience of coaching is not essential and the organisers will be arranging translation for participants if required.

The initiative takes place in Kreuzberg, Berlin 12pm until 7pm and will be funded with an event grant by the Fare network and organised as part of the Football People weeks. Seitenwechsel will act as co-operating partners of the workshop.

Please contact for registration, if you have an idea for workshop content yourself as part of the event or if you have any questions.

Champions ohne Grenzen